Sculptor, stage designer, installations creator, author of animated and documentary films and theatre plays, one of the first performers in Poland. Born in 1944 in the town of Garwolin, Poland. Graduated junior high School of Fine Arts in Tarnów and Painting Department of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1971 - in prof. Stefan Gierowski's class).

After college he focused on action art and installations organized usually in central, busy city streets. Collaborated with one of the most interesting galleries of '70 - “Repassage Gallery” - which allowed him to implement idea of direct contact with audience and merge spectators into space crated by artist.

Interventionist sculpture - “Passage – monument of anonymous passerby” - became symbol of the greyness of XX century seventies Poland and merged for some time into sidewalk on the crossing of Świętokrzyska and Mazowiecka streets in Warsaw. Them monument was awarded with Cyprian Kamil Norwid Artist Criticts Arward for the “event of the year”. In 2005 in Wrocław permanent monument of anonymous passerby “Passage 1977-2005) appears on Świdnicka street.

J.Kalina often uses objects of everyday use ennobling them to the tank of art – artefact. He used to close in glass-cases people disguised to be mannequins (Hyperrealism, Galeria Współczesna, 1974). in untoward and surprising way he merges his sculptures into real environment.

For over 50 years he is loyal to rudimental idea of his art – constant searching, sharp provocation, social, political, religious expression and private confession. He was an author of artistic design of the funeral of blessed x. Jerzy Popiełuszko as well as designer of his grave monument. He was also designer of three papal altars in Warsaw (1984, 1991, 1999). For the needs of contemporary sculpture collection in Seoul “Bon Voyage” is created. Between 1992 and 1995 he designs chapels in Belweder and Presidential Palaces in Warsaw.

Previous important ephemeral realizations:

  • Ritual action "Christmas Feast", Galeria Repassage, Warsaw, 1972 r.

  • Installation "Obchód – Special Ward, Living Pictograms", BWA, Wrocław, 1974 r.

During '80 he participates in martial law art movement. For his attitude he received annual Underground Solidarity Award and Association of Polish Artists and Designers Golden Badge.

Other significant artistic facts:

  • “The Last Supper – Sign of Cross”, 1984;

  • “Betlehem Viechle”, Warsaw, 1984;

  • “Flipping of the Painting”, Warsaw, 1989;

  • “Cathedral”, Warsaw, 1989;

  • from 1995 cycle of outdoor actions “Heats and Ashes” in Międzyzdroje, Warsaw, Cracow and Vilnius.

He presents his works abroad among others in Portugal, Japan, Spain, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, USA, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea.

From year 1973 he collaborated with Film Miniatures Studio where he created repeatedly awarded in Poland and abroad animated films like “In the Grass” (1974), “The Shell” (1975), “Ludwik” (1976), “Solo on Fallow” (1971) or “The Shift” (1988) which became to be a part of Polish animated films history.
In 2005 and 2005 two animated feature films are produced respectively: “Vivat Academia, Vivat Professores 1904-2004 and “In Film Miniatures Studio Labyrinth”.

In “WIR” documental films studio Kalina directs following pictures: “The Dam” (1991), “Penalty Box” (1994)”, “Starring Jan Peszek” (1998), “Jerzy Grzegorzewski. Hidden absence” (2003). In collaboration with “Eureka Media” documentary on Krystian Lupa theatre director was created – “The Prophet in Theatre” (2004).

Significant part of his creation artist dedicated to tHeater. As a stage designer he collaborated with: Henryk Baranowski, Bogdan Ciosek, Izabella Cywińska, Jerzy Grzegorzewski, Irena Jun, Kazimierz Kutz, Olgierd Łukaszewicz, Jan Peszek, Marcel Sławiński and Bogdan Tosza. He cooperated with National Theatre, Studio Theatre and Ateneum Theatre in Warsaw, Old Theatre and Groteska Theatre in Cracow, Silesia Theatre in Katowice, New Theatre in Zabrze, Polish Theatre in Wrocław and Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin.

In 1989 in Studio Theatre he debuted with author's play “Pilgrims and Exiles” accompanied with music of Academy Award Winner Janusz A. P. Kaczmarek. Spectacle gained widely acclamation in Poland and abroad e.g.: Mulheim an der Ruhr, Munich, Arnhem, Jerusalem, Melbourne, Taipei, Mito.


More important realizations:

  • "River of remembrance – 60th anniversary of Auschwitz–Birkenau German Nazi Death Camp liberation. 800m of railways set on fire from the Gate od Death to International Memorial of Camp Victimes. Auschwitz – Birkenau German Nazi Death Camp, 2005

  • "Lesson of armored" - installation, Freedom Square, Poznań, 2006

  • "Lacrimosa", installation at the Memorial of the Heroes of Warsaw Ghetto, , Warsaw, 2008 r.

  • "Necrotec", installation, Radom

  • 2006/2008

  • "Próżna 14", installation, Warsaw, 2008

  • "Stream of Memory", street action, Radom, 2008

  • "Stream of Memory"" – street action, Warsaw, 2009

  • "Stream of Memory"" - street action, Acropolis, Athens, 2009 r.

  • "Sen o białej Mariannie", instalacja, Berlin, 2009 r. "Kunst macht frei", akcja, Berlin, 2009 r. 

  • Po wygranym konkursie, realizacja w 2011 r. pomnika rotmistrza Witolda Pileckiego we Wrocławiu

  • Realizacja narracji plastycznej Muzeum Katyńskiego w Warszawie


  • President Lech Kaczyński Award, 2013

  • Merited to Culture Medal - Gloria Artis for cinematography achievements, 2008

  • Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, 2007

  • Protector of Places of National Remembrance, 2005

  • Minister of Culture and Art Award for "The Most Interesting Museum event of the Year" (for the installation "Defiant's Time "), 1990

  • Cyprian Kamil Norwid Award (for "The Passage"), 1977

  • St. Brother Albert Award (for organizing and participating in the Independent Culture Movement), 1986

  • Solidarity Award (for artistic arrangement of J. Popiełuszko)


  • "The Dam" - Award of the President of the Radio and Television Committee for (40th Anniversary of Polish Radio and TV Award, 1992

  • "The Shift" - Grand Prix „Golden Lajkonik” XVIII OFFK, Cracow 1988

  • "Esperalia" - Spanish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs Award, XIII MFFK, Huesca, Spain,1984 Honorary distinction,, Cracow 1985; Distinction MFFA, Hiroshima, Japan 1985

  • "Solo na ugorze" – Special Award, MFFK, Warsaw; Honorary Diploma, Espinho’81, Portugal; Silver Lajkonik on OFFK, XIX MFFK, Cracow, 1982; 2nd Prize on 2nd National Author's Animated Film Competition, Cracow 1983

  • "Bermuda Circle" – Special Prize on XX OFFK, Cracow, 1980

  • "The Shell" - „Golden Emblem” on Chicago International Film Festival, 1978

  • "Ludwik" - „Silver Pegasus” on X Zakopane Review of Films on Art, Zakopane, 1978