• Dream About White Marianna, installation, Berlin 2009/Poznań 2016


  • Tram with David' Star - 70th Holocaust Anniversary, Warsaw

  • Fr. Twardowski's Furnace - installation, Post Camaldolese Monastery, Warsaw


  • Black Crystal - installation, anniversary of "Crystal Night" in Jewish Center of Culture and Education in White Stork Synagogue, Wrocław

  • Waiting for Shakespeare's Storm - installation, Jarosław (Russia)

  • Attendance List - installation, Warsaw


  • XII Station - Way of The Cross - Artistic arrangement and direction, Warsaw

  • Stream of Remembrance - Katyń's Epitaph Wrocław


  • Stream of Remembrance - Warsaw

  • Stream of Remembrance - Acropolis, Athens

  • Dream About White Marianna - installation, Berlin

  • Kunst macht frei - action, Berlin

  • Lacrimosa III - installation, Tarnów

  • Katyń's Tear - installation, Berlin


  • Lacrimosa - installation in front of the Warsaw Ghetto Heros Memorial, Warsaw,

  • Próżna 14 - installation, Warsaw

  • Stream of Remembrance, street action, Radom

  • Sarcophagus II - installation and performance - Art's uprising, Radom

  • Necrotec - installation, Radom


  • Sarcophagus I - Icons of Solidarity - installation, Warsaw


  • Lesson of Armoured - installation, Poznań

  • Necrotec - installation, action, Radom


  • River of Remembrance - 60th anniversary of Auschwitz–Birkenau German Nazi Death Camp liberation. 800m of railways set on fire from the Gate od Death to International Memorial of Camp Vctims. Auschwitz – Birkenau German Nazi Death Camp, 2005


  • Homołazy - installation, Międzyzdroje


  • Maritime Fata Morgana to the Moth’s Temptation - ritual action (music by Milo Kurtis Drum Freaks), Festival of the Stars, beach in Międzyzdroje


  • To the Moth’s Temptation - installation, metal, water, olive oil and light wire, exhibition ‘Light’, Studio Gallery, Warsaw


  • Obsessionata I - performance, part of the modern music festival ‘ The Warsaw Autumn’

  • Obsessionata II – Performance for a Pass Grade Zachęta Gallery, Warsaw, November (The second version of Obsessionata dedicated to Stefan Gierowski)

  • White Shelter - Dedicated on the 80th birthday of Pope John Paul II, ritual actions, National Museum in Wrocław, 18 May

  • The Fahrenheit Bridge - actions on a bridge over the Vistula in Tczew; ‘Event’ II International Festival of eatrical and Visual Artistic Action, Tczew/Europe 2000, 7-9 September

  • Over the Loss of Memory - ritual actions in a forest, The Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz Museum, Stawisko

  • Crevice - an object dedicated to the memory of Father Jerzy Popiełuszko.

  • The State of at Which Is Hidden… - installation, exhibition ‘Images of Death in the Polish Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries', National Museum, Cracow


  • Under the Eyelid - exhibition, the Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw, May-June

  • Via Crucis - installation, castle moat in Toruń, 2-27 May exhibition ‘A Sense of the Sacred’

  • A Cohort - a pagan object, the 100th anniversary of Komorów by Warsaw

  • Tree States - ritual activities, a manor barn, Ronald Dwight’s estate, Jadamowo near Niedzica

  • Interrogation - installation, exhibition ‘The Time of Hope’, works created by independent artists, Ars Longa Gallery, Milanówek, 11 November

  • Prague Winter – The Last Judgement - ritual actions, the façade of the Academia Theatre in Warsaw, 11 December. Part of ‘ e Last Judgement’ exhibition curated by E. Dzikowska and W. Wierzchowska.


  • A Sea Cohort - installation, beach in Międzyzdroje, 4th Festival of the Stars in Międzyzdroje

  • Merry Gospel – Christmas Eve in Warsaw - Urban Fata Morgana 2, directed and designed by Jerzy Kalina, action under the auspices of the National Opera, Plac Teatralny, 22 December

  • Embers and Ashes - ritual open-air action (music by Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz, vocal by Elżbieta Towarnicka), International Street Festival, Vilnius ’98, August

  • Between Heaven and Earth - ritual open-air action on the Motlava river

  • Art – A Mirror of Cultures - visual narrative, arrangement of the sacred space in St. John’s Church, Gdańsk, 25-26 September, accompanying the Congress of Polish Architecture.

  • Vision 1 (music by Milo Kurtis) 1 July; ritual actions on the beach, 3rd Festival of the Stars, Międzyzdroje

  • Vision 2 (music Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz), 5 July, ritual actions on the beach, 3rd Festival of the Stars, Międzyzdroje; Inspired by Adam Mickiewicz’s Ode to Youth and the Forefathers’ Eve, Part three.

  • K+M+B [Twelth Night] – 1984 – A Remembrance – of e Bethlehem Vehicle of 1984 - installation at’s What I Like’ exhibition, e Art Palace, Cracow

  • Permanent Chickenpox – Triptych from Małopolska - ritual action, exhibition ‘To y Neighbour ...’, Rzeszów Philhar- monic Hall

  • Permanent Chickenpox – Triptych from Silesia - ritual action, V Carnival Garden of Art, Czechowice-Dziedzice

  • Rhapsody in Blue. Urban Fata Morgana – 3 - action, Królikarnia, park and Xawery Dunikowski Museum, Warsaw, 16 September

  • Festive Water-Tower - ritual action

  • The Artists’ Christmas tree - installation, park in front of the Zachęta Gallery, December


  • In the Green Grass, Urban Fata Morgana - action organized on the occasion of Children’s Day, Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, 1 June

  • Maybe Ashes, Maybe Diamonds - ritual action, Holiday Festival of the Stars, Międzyzdroje

  • Day to Day - installation

  • Keep your Spirit High - ritual action, cemetery in Nowy Sącz, 5th Festival of Miniature Art Forms, Mała Gallery, Nowy Sącz, September – October

  • Permanent Chickenpox - performance, Warsaw, lobby of the Zachęta Gallery, 13 November, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Studio Gallery


  • People into Ice – Hibernator 2000 - ritual action, Agrykola Park, Warsaw, 27 January

  • Moving tresholds - installation, exhibition Oikos ’96, Bydgoszcz, District Museum, April

  • On the treshold - space dedicated to Krzysztof Kieślowski, Pokaz Gallery, Warsaw, 2-6 April

  • Big Heat 1 – 2 - ritual action, beach, illuminating a concert played by Janusz Olejniczak, golf course

  • On the treshold - second space dedicated to Krzysztof Kieślowski, Municipal Community Centre, I Festival of the Stars, Międzyzdroje


  • The Rape of Europa - ritual action with the participation of Małgorzata Magier, music by A. Mi- tan, meeting ‘Europe between Byzantium and Disneyland’, courtyard of the Royal Castle, Warsaw, 17 May

  • In the Door and behind the Door on is and the Other Side - spatial arrangement of installations:

Triumphal Entry
A Wish of the Millions
Festive Tables
Great Water and Earth
Shelters – a Volcano and Burial Mounds
Neo Noah
An Angel over the Palace
Warsaw, premises of the Documentary Films Studio, Warsaw, September

  • A Skating Ring, Interrogation, Erratic oughts - installations, exhibition ’50 Years Later in Milanówek’, Ars Longa Gallery, Milanówek, October

  • Christmas-Eve Supper - [reconstruction], exhibition ‘Around Polish Sculpture of the 1970s’, Orońsko, October-November


  • The Lake of Gennesaret - object, II Triennale of Visual Arts “ The Sacred. Faith – Art”, Częstochowa ’94 (Reconstruction of the installation shown at ‘ e Dungeons of Manhattan’ exhibition in Łódź in 1989)

  • A Memorial Place Guarded by Silence - installation

  • Memorial plates - objects (from 1984), “63 Days and Nights” exhibition, Archdiocesan Museum, Warsaw, 12 August - 15 September

  • Erratic oughts - sculpture

  • A Memorial Place Guarded by Silence - installation, St. Eberhard’s Cathedral, Stuttgart

  • Elevation of the Light - ritual action in the park in front of the palace, Table – Fire – Grain an indoor ritual object, ‘Fire Freezes, Glow Darkens’, an artistic event, Warsaw, Królikarnia, 17 December

  • Desert Sex - installation

  • A Fire-Ball - (cartoon story), 1986, exhibition ‘Ars Erotica’, National Museum Warsaw

  • A Burning Window - installation, Warsaw, Plac Piłsudskiego, 1-3 August


  • On a String - performance in a park in Orońsko as part of the seminar ‘Art and Town’, November

  • Litany - ritual action

  • Parking Prohibited -A Cortège, installation, Częstochowa, 3 April-2 May (International Festival of Religions Music ‘Gaude Mater’ )

  • A Tour Inspection - Exhibition ‘Repassage’, Zachęta Gallery, Warsaw, 28 June, reconstruction

  • Spring - installation

  • Hearths, e Great Banner of Lithuania and Belarus - object‘

  • The Gran Spring - installation

  • Hearths, The Great Banner of Lithuania and Belarus - object ‘The Grand Duchy’, artistic action, Stara Kotłownia, Warsaw, 15 October

  • K + M + B [ e Twel Night] - from the cycle of adopted objects

  • The Tower of Babel - Berlin, Künstlerhaus Bethanien

  • Still Life – Puri ed Objects - installation

  • Indian Summer - performance, Łódź, Manhattan Gallery, 10-11 December

  • Again a Star Has Fallen, A Cosy Corner - installations, a meeting ‘Supper, or the Visible and the Invisible’ Warsaw, Gallery of the Union of Polish Artists and Designers, 6-31 December


  • A Co n-Portrait - from the cycle of adopted objects

  • Tableburgers - installation

  • St John’s-Night or A Midsummer Night’s Dream - artistic action, Embassy of the Polish Republic, Prague, 24 June

  • From the Diary of a Combatant - installation

  • A Coffin-Portrait - an adopted object, Warsaw, Gallery of the Union of Polish Artists and Designers, Mazowiecka Street, November

  • We Go to the European - ritual action, Warsaw, lobby of the Ministry of Culture and Art, November

  • The Crossing of the Red Sea - the Fall of Giants, installation, Warsaw, the Kordegarda Gallery, 13 November – 13 December

  • Carpet Bombing - action, Appendix Gallery, Warsaw, gala room and several other rooms in the Academy, 13 December


  • Special ward, Live Pictogram - installation (reconstruction of the 1974 version) exhibition ‘Magicians and Mystics’, The Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

  • Welcome to Poland - performance, III Meetings of the Theatre of Vision and Art, Katowice

  • Ćmy i můry, nočné mory - installation, Prague, Bratislava, e Centre for Polish Culture, March-May

  • Kontr-Formationen. Genese der Solidarność Polen 1970- 1989, 1-30 Mai - Muelheim, garage installation, eaterlandscha , eater a.d. Ruhr, Muelheim [another version of the exhibition ‘ e time of the intransigent’]

  • The Muster - artistic action with a 110-person choir, 200 spades and a signalling trumpet

  • 29th Festival of Polish Contemporary Drama, Wrocław Town Square, 22-26 May

  • Cathedral - installation, Li – 9, Londyn, Serpentine Gallery, June-July

  • La Traviata - adopted objects, live pictograms, Londyn, Serpentine Gallery

  • Welcome to Poland - performance, London, Serpentine Gallery, June-July

  • Chops’ pyramid - meteorological object, Wrocław, Town Square

  • White Relief - installation, Wrocław, Market Square

  • Cathedral II - installation, II International Meeting of Pope John Paul II with the Young, Częstochowa [dismantled by the organizers before the Pope’s arrival]

  • Indiscretions - meteorological installation, IV Biennale of New Art, Zielona Góra

  • Sarcophags - installation, exhibition ‘A Meeting of Holy Pictures’, Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw, National Museum, Cracow, 23 September – 31 October

  • An Epitaph – Seven Spaces, installation in front of the Zachęta Gallery, Warsaw

  • Cannibals of Art/Stoning/Wet Story - joint project of actors from the Studio Theatre and the National Theatre in Taipei, e Chiang Kai-shek Centre for Culture, Taipei, Taiwan


  • The Gate of Paradise / The Muster / The Alley of the Fallen Heroes - installations, exhibition ‘Paradise Lost – Art 1949-1989’, e Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

  • Welcome to Poland - performance, city park, Germany, Muelheim, 30 May (The second, open-air version of Beating Painting)

  • Solidarity in Prague – e Time of the Intransigent, Wańka Wstańka - installations, Prague, for 31 August

  • The Time of the Intransigent - installation, the exhibition ‘The Time of the Intransigent. History of the Opposition in Poland 1970-1989’. Museum of Independence Movements, Warsaw, previously The Lenin Museum; J. Kalina– visual narration, October

  • Siberian Cortège - installation

  • Welcome to Poland - performance, Points East, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, December 11th – January 10th 1991


  • Exhibition ‘Departures’ - Studio Gallery, Warsaw, 20 February-12 March

  • Bitch Trembling - installation

  • Good Morning - installation

  • Beating Painting - ritual performance

  • Mutants in the Country of Active Lilliputians - installation, Berlin, Centre for Polish Culture

  • The Lake of Gennesaret - meteorological installation, Berlin, Centre for Polish Culture

  • The Wall of Memory - installation, church in Żytnia Street, Easter

  • A Train to Heaven - installation, 3-31 May

  • Exhibition ‘Recent Art. In His Own Image’, the former Norblin factory, Warsaw

  • The Tower of Babel - installation, September (exhibition ‘Labyrinth’, a church in Ursynów, Warsaw wood, tar paper, binder)

  • The Lake of Gennesaret II - meteorological installation, November exhibition ‘ e Dungeons of Manhattan’, Łódź


  • Departures – An Emigrant’s Dream - installation, e 27th Festival of Polish Contemporary Theatre, Wrocław

  • Ragroom II - performance, II Meetings of the Theatre of Vision and Art, Kato- wice ’88. Bon voyage - sculpture, modern sculpture collection in the Olympic Park in Seoul

  • My Home - meteorological installation, September (Exhibition ‘Sculpture in the Garden’, Union of Polish Artists and Designers, Warsaw)

  • Sentencing a Christmas Tree - performance, Komorowski Forest, anniversary of martial law’s imposition


  • The Easter Sepulchre, Bringing the Sheep Down from the Mountain Pastures – The Festive Table, The Way of Lights - installations shown at the exhibition, ‘Way of Lights’, Church of God’s Mercy in Żytnia Street in Warsaw

  • Easter 1987. Easter Sepulchre - Church of God’s Mercy in Żytnia Street, installation


  • Flat-Rolling - installation, Podkowa Leśna, St Christopher’s Church

  • The Chernobyl Madonna - icon

  • Sarcophagus S.P.Q.R. installation, Meadow, live pictogram exhibition ‘New Heaven and New Earth?’, Warsaw, Church of God’s Mercy in Żytnia Street, October


  • Reliquary, installation

  • Polish Epitaphs, installation, exhibition ‘Against Evil, Against Violence’ dedicated to the memory of Father Jerzy Popiełuszko, parish church in Mistrzejowice, February-March

  • Crucifixion - installation, Church of St Stanislaus Kostka in Warsaw, April

  • The Easter Sepulchre, Warsaw, Church of St. Stanislaus Kostka

  • Polish Fortress ‘81 - installation, park surrounding the hunting-lodge, Antonin near Kalisz, curated by Jacek Olędzki


  • Resurrection - installation, Warsaw, the lower church of the Holy Cross

  • The Easter Sepulchre - Warsaw, Garrison Vhurch in Długa Street

  • Esperalia - exhibition, Warsaw, the Studio Gallery

  • Memorial Tablets, Angelus Table (Kneeling Table) - installation Christmas Carol, Amnesty, Christmas-Eve 1981, Twelth Night, Triptych Abortium – Right, Le , Cortège, paintings Winter’81, Winter’82, icon The Black Madonna

  • Ragroom - performance accompanying the ‘Esperalia’ exhibition

  • Sandpit - installation, exhibition ‘Apocalypse, Light in the Dark’, the lower Church of the Holy Cross, November

  • Helplessness - installation, Church of St Stanislaus Kostka in Warsaw

  • The Toruń Shroud - installation, Church in Suchowola

  • Artistic Design of Father Jerzy Popiełuszko’s Funeral

  • The Bethlehem Vehicle - installation, the Church of St Stanislaus Kostka in Warsaw


  • Easter Sepulchre - Warsaw, Visitation Church, Przyrynek Street

  • From Forest to Forest - action, 11 November (the Independence Day), Laski by Warsaw

  • The Last Supper - installation, exhibition ‘The Sign of the Cross’, Warsaw, Church of God’s Mercy, Żytnia Street, 14-30 June


  • Black Procession - Intervention action, the fourth cardiac arrest of Culture and Art, Warsaw, 2 May

  • A Long Viking Bus - urban determimage-action, Malmö, Sweden, August


  • Installation with a Palm - The Chełm 72 Gallery, Chełm


  • The Triumphal Arch - installation, Białystok, Plac Zwycięstwa, September

  • Catapult - ritual action, courtyard of Warsaw University, 16 October

  • Artbus - urban determinage-action; a city-tour, Gdańsk


  • Blue Jeans - ritual action, Warsaw, music by Jacek ‘Crocodile’ Malicki, Gallery of the Studio Theatre, 4 December

  • Passage – a Monument of an Anonymous Passer-By - at the crossing of Świętokrzyska and Mazowiecka Streets in Warsaw, the night of 12-13 December


  • Tour Inspection II - Repassage Gallery, Warsaw 14-25 April

  • Incident - urban determinage, 6 days + one month, Sweden, Johannesgaten 7, Konsthall, Malmö, August

  • Hospital - live pictograms, installation, Sweden, Johannesgaten 7, Konsthall, Malmö (The Swedish version of the Wrocław Inspection Tour)

  • Two Hours with a Rifle - action, Warsaw, Centrum Department Stores and neighbouring streets, October

  • A Positivistic Manifesto - action (prepared together with Małgorzata Maliszewska), Warsaw, Złota Street, October

  • Vividrama - action prepared together with Małgorzata Maliszewska, Warsaw, the Studio Gallery

  • The Whispered Square of Malevich - action, Warsaw, Eastern Wall passage, November. Cooperation with Małgorzata Maliszewska

  • Generation 30 - live pictogram, installation (prepared together with Małgorzata Maliszewska), Warsaw, Gallery of the Union of Polish Artists and Designers, Mazowiecka Street, December


  • White Bridge - action, Wrocław, September

  • Triptych of Polychrome Sculptures - (live gures), Warsaw, Współczesna Gallery, October

  • Hyperrealism - Display of polychrome sculptures. e artist exhibited behind the glass live gures striking poses, wearing make-up, and transformed into hyperrealistic gures.

  • Make-Ups - Facial archaeology. Live gures placed inside glass sarcophagi were subjected to paracosmetic treatments so that they would become even ‘more life-like’

  • Paper Prophet - Acupuncture. A response to the hippie movement in Poland. In co- -operation with a music band (Milo Kurtis, Jacek Malicki) and students of the Mikołaj Rej Secondary School in Warsaw.

  • Soap Zone - installation, Wspóczesna Gallery, Warsaw. Bars of grey “Jeleń” soap arranged in regular rows like tombstones at the cemetery.

  • Tour Inspection – Special Ward, Live Pictograms - installation, Wrocław, the BWA Gallery, November

  • Exhibition: Edward Dwurnik – Jerzy Kalina, Christmas Table II, Live Pictograms II - Gallery of the Studio Theatre, Warsaw, December 1974 - January 1975


  • The Bond - intervention, Warsaw, park in ul. Bednarska

  • Reservation - installation, Gallery of the Studio Teatre, December

  • No Response - action


  • The Day of the Crane - ritual action (realized together with Małgorzata Maliszewska),the village of Hołowienki, the location of Andrzej Ekwiński’s experimental gallery, 24 June.

  • Momentary Objects – 11th Debut of the Alumni - installation (prepared together with Małgorzata Maliszewska), Warsaw, Society of Friends of Fine Arts (TPSP), October

  • Taxi Stop - ritual action with the participation of Milo Kurtis (playing the ute), Wrocław, Plac Solny, October

  • Polish Flax – Polish Fashion - ritual action in a construction pit prepared for the building of an underground passage between the Academy of Fine Arts and the University in Krakowskie Przedmieście Street in Warsaw, October 16. Cooperation with the Band with participation of Jacek Malicki, Milo Kurtis.

  • Wedding Ceremony - ritual action, Warsaw, courtyard of the Registar’s Once in the Old Town district, November

  • At Hopfer’s - ritual action, wine cellar At Hopfer’s in Warsaw, 19 December

  • Christmas-Eve Supper - ritual action, Warsaw, the Repassage Gallery, 24 December19

  • Halting the Time - first ritual action with the use of pigment, alarm clock, suitcase and water, Warsaw, Central Station, December-January


  • A Diploma of an Anonyme - determinage, Warsaw, courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts , May

  • Tied-Up - political determinage, Warsaw, Plac Zwycięstwa, July

  • What You Should and What You Should Not row to Garbage - action, Warsaw, Old Town Squareaction with objects found in garbage containers

  • Bible Read from the End - installation, Galeria 10 in the Wola district